Caritas Manila Back-to-School 2019 Campaign

Through the Tithing for the Poor Movement and in this year declaration “Year of the Youth” with the theme: Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved, Gifted, Empowered. Caritas Manila is launching The Feeding of the 5000 Sponsorship Campaign, aiming to help and support 5000 youth servant leaders from the poorest of the poor provinces in the country to give an access to college and vocational technology education.

This sponsorship campaign is aligned to support our flagship program Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP), envision to invest further in long-term solutions to eradicate poverty and in nation building by providing access to education to our Filipino youth.

Symbolically, Feeding of the 5000 Sponsorship Campaign is a call to action campaign that appeals to help the young men and women from the poorest of the poor communities in the country through sponsorship program. One of the planned giving strategies that allow Filipino donors to help underprivileged Filipino youth on a regular basis, starting from the amount of P600.00 pledge/month.

One (1) youth servant leader will be linked to at least five (5) sponsors that will together – help and support the youth to have an access and finish college education.


During Christmas we usually have extras to buy new clothes, gadgets, jewelries, or go on a special vacation. As we approach what seems to be a tough Christmas season with rising inflation rates, worse self-rated poverty statistics, and an increase in the number of Filipinosexperiencing involuntary hunger – we ask that you rememberthe poor and #SHAREYOURCHRISTMAS with our brothers and sisters in need.


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